Weekly Movie News Roundup 03.08.2012

Posted 03/08/2012


Weekly Movie News Roundup 03.08.2012
A Queen B production?
Beyoncé plans to make a documentary about a fascinating subject—herself. The singer/actress/mom is pitching a movie about her life and career, and has 20 minutes of footage to show, the Los Angeles Times reports. Along with being the main attraction onscreen, B would also direct and produce.

'Hobbit' journey gets longer
Tolkien fans who were geeked about Peter Jackson's upcoming 'Hobbit' movie can now get three times as geeked! 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' will be the first film in a trilogy, it was announced this week. Originally, only two films were planned.

Sequel mania
It's not just big event movies like 'The Hobbit' that are being considered for follow-ups these days. The surprise success of Seth MacFarlane's raunchy comedy 'Ted' means that studio execs are keen on a sequel, according to 'The Hollywood Reporter.' Likewise, bigger-than-expected box office numbers mean a 'Magic Mike' sequel or prequel is being discussed. Also set to get a sequel is the sci-fi flick 'Prometheus'...although it was supposedly a wait, wouldn't that just be a remake of 'Aliens'?

Weekly casting news roundup
- Taylor Kitsch will costar with Brendan Gleeson in 'The Grand Seduction,' a remake of a Canadian film, per THR.

- More 'Catching Fire' casting news! The elderly tribute Mags will be played by actress Lynn Cohen.

- After vying with Hollywood's other hottest young actress, Jennifer Lawrence, for the lead in 'Lie Down in Darkness,' it looks like Kristen Stewart has landed the role, per Vulture. Both actresses were unusually vocal about wanting to star in the adaptation of the 1951 novel by William Styron. Maybe the MTV Movie Awards should add a new category for 'Best Fight: Offscreen'?